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Insulation Paper

Flexible insulation is the flexible laminates which are produced by laminating
different flexible materials together, with adhesive between the layers.
The flexible materials include polyester film, polyimide film, polyester nonwoven,
Nomex paper (polyaramid paper), presspaper, glass fabric. Dongfang can produce
flexible laminates of 2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers and 5 layers. The surface can
be coated with resin according to specific requirement.

Application: Slot insulation, phase insulation, layer insulation,
turn insulation in motors, generators, tranformers.

2 layers flexible laminates:
DM (polyester nonwoven / polyester film ): 6632 ( B class ), 6644 ( F class )
DM 100 ( F class, one side coated with resin ): 6644T
Polyester film/Fish paper: 6520

3 layers flexible laminates:
NMN ( Nomex paper / polyester film / Nomex paper ) : 6640
NMN Prepreg.( NMN coated with B-stage resin ): D283
DMD ( polyester nonwoven / polyester film / polyester nonwoven ): 6641 ( F class ),
6630 ( B class )
DMD 100 ( F class DMD coated with resin ): 6643
DMD Prepreg.( DMD coated with B-stage resin ): D279 ( F class )
NHN ( Nomex paper / polyimide film / Nomex paper ): 6650

4 layers flexible laminates:
DMDM ( polyester nonwoven / polyester film / polyester nonwoven / polyester film ):
6631 ( B class ), 6645 ( F class )

5 layers flexible laminates:
NMNMN ( Nomex paper / polyester film / Nomex paper / polyester film / Nomex paper ): D286
DMDMD ( polyester nonwoven / polyester film / polyester nonwoven / polyester film
/ polyester nonwoven ): D287

Multi-layer PET film:
D281 ( flame retardant )
Coated Nomex paper ( surface coated with B-stage resin ):

D220 ( both sides coated )
D220S ( single side coated )

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Presspahn is a proven surface insulation material on cellulose basis for the insulation
class A.Depending on the type of cellulose, fibre conditioning and machinery settings,
KREMPEL supplies a variety of presspaper and pressboard types with very specific
The properties and characteristics of the presspaper and pressboard materials are
standardised in DIN 7733 and IEC 60641. Besides the high breakdown voltage and the high
capacity for impregnation with transformer oil (dielectric mix of oil-cellulose),
the pressboard can withstand high heat loads for short periods of time
(e.g. 350 °C for a few seconds) because the material has no melting point.
Also, the presspaper and pressboard can be punched,
folded, cut and in some cases be shaped as well.

With „KREMPEL-DPP“ – Diamond-Pattern epoxy-coated Papers – KREMPEL presspaper is
with a diamond dotted resin coating. Applying pressure at an elevated temperature for a
certain length of time leads to partial adhesive bonding of the electrical conductors with
the vertical separators. The channels that thereby develop can be used to remove air and
the moisture from the transformer. The voids can subsequently be filled with liquid insulation material.

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