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AntiTrickling Varnish

Von Roll makes a wide variety of varnishes and resins for both
low- and high-voltage applications based on alkyds, acrylics,
urethanes, polyesters, polyesterimides, epoxies, and silicones.
Most are specialized products that are optimized for a variety
of processing techniques, such as Trickle, Roller through or
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI).

Permafil®, Damisol® and Dolph® impregnating resins and coating
varnishes for electrical and electronic applications.
Damival® two-component potting, encapsulating, and
adhesive systems for electrical and electronic applications.
Damilux® UV (ultraviolet)-curing glues or coatings for industrial
and electronic applications.
Permafil® and Dolph® impregnating varnishes and resins for
electrical applications: rotating machines and transformers.

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